We exist to see children and young people flourish.

Founded by a care-leaver, we place the highest value on supporting both the looked after child and their carer(s).

We understand that carers do the most incredible work and we are there for every step of your journey.


We are so grateful you are here.

The outcomes for looked after children aren't particularly great at the moment, there's a shortage nationally of around 8000 homes.

If you choose to foster with NorthPoint Care, we want you to know that we are there for every step of the journey.

You can be a part of shaping a child or young persons entire story.

We'll be there to help you make those transformational differences.


Below you can see more on how we will support your journey of fostering. Start your incredible journey today.

Dedicated 24hr support anytime, anywhere

Our team are on hand anytime of the day or night, to support you. Perhaps it's a listening ear, advice, practical help or an emergency situation. Whatever it is, we're there for you. 


Regular training & development 

Part of our commitment to you is to provide practical, inspiring and helpful training and support, incl. access to therapeutic input

As you foster with NorthPoint, you will access to a plethora of resources and development opportunities that are tailored around your needs.


Generous foster carer allowance

Fostering often carries certain sacrifices but your finances should not be one and NorthPoint pay a very generous allowance to our carers. We care about you and want to help remove any barriers that may limit your time with a child or young person.

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