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We're so grateful you are considering fostering.

NorthPoint was founded by a care-leaver, with many on our team also being

care-experienced. Each of us can attest to the enormous impact an individual made to our lives.


Founded to help answer the national shortage of carers, and to radically improve outcomes for those living in care, NorthPoint is truly unique fostering organisation with a bold vision for the UK foster care system. We place the highest value on supporting both children and carers, our role is to champion both carer and child.  

We've launched a bold initiative to find an additional #100Homes for children and young people in care. With so many ways (please ask us about these) to get involved, there is something that every single person can do to help. 

We understand that carers do the most incredible work and our role is to support you by doing all we can, every step of your journey.


We're looking for people to meet the need

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There is a real need to find more brilliant people to foster.  

It can be such a rewarding role and the impact you could make on a child or young persons life can be life transforming.

There are different forms of fostering and we are committed to supporting you every step of the way.

NorthPoint aims to support children and carers by offering therapeutic support and training. With a focus on the secure base model, carers will have the skills and knowledge they need to help children move towards greater security and resilience. 

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Siblings Together

Separating siblings when they become looked after can have a devastating impact on children and where possible, we would like to make sure this doesn't happen.


We are looking to find more loving homes for sibling groups.

If you feel you are able to offer a safe, loving and supportive home for siblings, please get in touch or arrange a call with our team.

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Short-break care

Short-break care is a fostering placement for a short of amount of time, and provides support for foster carers as well as an enjoyable break for young people.


Providing short break care can be such a joy for you and the child.

We're looking to recruit more short term foster carers to help invest in children and young peoples lives and to provide crucial rest times for dedicated foster parents.

Mother and Baby

Parent & child

Parent and child foster placements involve caring for a vulnerable parent and their child. This is often for a time specific period with a view to assessing the skills of the parent and supporting them to develop confidence, awareness and the ability to nurture their child.


This can be a very rewarding type of fostering, as you are able to provide safe care for a baby as well as showing a young person how to care for their child.

Specialist training and support will be available.


The opportunity to help re-write a story

Fostering can be an immensely rewarding and fulfilling role. Your input into a child or young persons life can make make all the difference. We have heard from both carers and care-leavers on the impact that an individual or family can have on someones life. 

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Dedicated 24hr support anytime, anywhere

You will have a designated social worker but are also welcome to contact the team at anytime of the day or night. We're here to support you; Perhaps it's a listening ear, advice, practical help or an emergency situation. Whatever it is, we're there for you.


Regular and relevant training & development 

Part of our commitment to you is to provide practical, inspiring and helpful training and support, incl. access to therapeutic input

As you foster with NorthPoint, you will access to a plethora of resources and development opportunities that are tailored around your needs.


Generous foster carer allowance

Fostering often carries certain sacrifices but your finances should not be one and NorthPoint pay a very generous allowance to our carers. We care about you and want to help remove any barriers that may limit your time with a child or young person.


Support from experienced foster carers and leading experts

We will do our best to support you in any way we can. We want you to feel empowered, equipped and for you to know that there is a community around you. Foster carers with NorthPoint will have access to support/mentoring from experienced carers, you will have opportunities to hear from and engage with leading expert. 

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