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Our approach is to support each looked-after child through all areas of their lives.

Our pathway plan engages the past, present and the future of each looked after child, to bring about transformed lives. 

Setup as a Community Interest Company (CIC), NorthPoint Fostering is distinctly different in that all of our resources go to delivering world-class wrap-around support for each stage of a child's and carers life and needs.

Launching in Autumn 2020, we have a vision to serve and reform the UK foster care system.

The future is bright. 


NorthPoint Fostering CIC is a non-profit Fostering organisation based in the North East of England,

with a plan to serve across the UK.

Working with individuals, families and local churches, we connect looked after children to loving homes.
NorthPoint are there for the journey.

Committed to seeing every looked after child:
1. Experience unconditional love
2. Embrace their value, uniqueness and talents
3. Excel at life


Wrap Around Care

Our level of support for children and their carers is world class.  We understand the need to provide care and support for each stage of a child's life.

With access to professional expertise, mentors, retreats, training & funding, NorthPoint are there for the journey. 

Sibling Placements

Separating family has a devastating impact on children and we're committed to finding loving homes for siblings.

Please get in touch today if you are considering caring for siblings and would like to know more.

Mother & baby

Our hope is to see less babies and children enter the care system and face the trauma of being separated from family.  

We are looking to find loving individuals and families that could help provide the crucial care and support that a new mother might need.

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